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These are the values we stand for.

INTEGRITY - Integrity is about living our deeply held values, our convictions. We believe in Walking the Talk. Naturally this comes on top of the heap.

HONESTY - A stated and practised commitment to truth and honesty.

RESPECT - Respect for self, others be they employees, colleagues, suppliers, clients or anyone we come into contact with and of course, the Earth we live in. We will treat all our colleagues as adults.

EXCELLENCE - We will seek to excel and help others excel, in whatever the endeavour is. We recognise that devil is indeed in the details and we will strive for consistency.

CURIOSITY - Might be bad for cats but not for us. We believe that this is what keeps us and our organisation young. Naturally it reflects in innovation in whatever we do.

FUN - We are in it because we enjoy this and this is fun

PROFIT - We shall not be ashamed to be very profitable. We believe that this is a natural consequence of doing what we do very well. Our profit comes from work that benefits all.


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